Victor’s chess house


Learn the rules of the game of chess with Victor the cat, who will guide you through the rooms of his "House of Chess" letting you playing with a lots of fun!
You will play with other children, members from all over the world, challenging them in the best game in the world: chess!
Do it every day, at home, with your Internet connection (recommended browsers Explorer, Firefox, Safari - not compatible with Apple tablet), for the annual cost of € 6.05.

The site is protected, there are no chat or possibility of intrusion of some sort, all you can do is play, with Vittorio cat or with other students who are doing it at school, to learn and become more skilled.
The annual cost of this service is € 6.05 for an individual user of € 4.00 for each registered user from a School Institute. For teachers, accredited by the School Institute, access is free (download the information document for schools here).

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